MRP : 160.00
10 TAB
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Manufacturer/Brand : Mankind Pharmaceutical Ltd

Description : Maxical-Plus Tablet is a nutritional supplement that is required for good bone health, treating anemia & iron deficiencies and also useful to treat poor parathyroid function. It also treats the deficiency of clotting factors in the body and is required for maintainance of overall health of the body.

Uses :

• It ensures the proper supply of calcium to bones

• It helps in treating poor parathyroid function

• It is useful in managing low calcium levels in patients undergoing dialysis

• It is used to treat renal osteodystrophy and high phosphate levels

• It treats the deficiency of clotting factors in situations like dietary deficiency, prolonged antimicrobial therapy, obstructive jaundice etc

• It promotes overall health of the body