MRP : 595.00
400 GM
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Manufacturer/Brand : Zydus Cadila Ltd

Description : Complan Nutrigro for 2 to 6 Years helps bridge this nutritional gap that obstructs regular growth in 2-6-year-olds. It is scientifically developed containing 11 proven Pro Immunity nutrients that promote good health and growth. Complan NutriGro makes up a deliciously creamy yet nourishing drink with 100% protein from milk and a total of 39 vital nutrients like Iron and DHA. It also contains the power of Vitamins A, C and E, prebiotics, probiotics and zinc. Complan NutriGro doesn’t just help children gain healthy height and weight but also supports immunity, brain development and digestion. Complan NutriGro is recommended two times a day to help your toddlers not just grow tall, but stand tall. It is available in Badam kheer and Creamy Vanilla and a delicious chocolate flavour.

Uses :

• Delicious drink mix that makes milk tastier and nutritious

• Complan is a nutrition and health drink with a clinically proven formula to deliver 2 times faster growth

• Nutrients like DHA, Iron support brain development and mental alertness

• Pro and Prebiotic support digestion and keeps the tummy healthy and happy

• Nutrients like sodium, potassium and chloride maintain fluid balance in the body

• Nutrients like Vitamin A, E and C supports immune function